How to Make the Very Best First Impression on a First Date


There are few moments quite as optimistic as walking out the door to go on a first date. We are all looking for love, albeit in the wrong places, but there’s something truly magical about the possibility of meeting your future partner on a first date. For those of us who fall into the ‘romantically-challenged’ category, here are a few tips that will help you make a lasting, and hopefully, lovely first impression.
Dress Your Best. This is one thing you can do to ensure you’re feeling your very best long before you meet your counterpart. Feeling good is understandably tied to looking good. Wear something you feel comfortable in, wash your face, apply a spritz of aftershave (not too liberally). If you’re unsure of what the dress-code will demand, look up your destination beforehand and dress accordingly.

Converse! Your date is an actual person with likes, dislikes, a romantic and familial history and a wide range of interests! There is so much to chat about! Find a balance between asking questions, listening and sharing your own stories and ideas. Be curious, not inquisitive and don’t be afraid to relate with your share of personal anecdotes.
Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. This has long been a standard suggestion when it comes to first date impressions. Eye contact allows us to grow feelings of intimacy and assure our partner we are genuinely paying attention to their words.

Be Assertive. If the date is going well and you’d like to meet up again – let it be known! There’s nothing worse than a date coming to an end with a lukewarm suggestion to go out again. Be confident and assertive about your intentions and desires.
Reject and Eject. Sadly, we are all likely to be involved in an unfortunate situation of unrequited love. Rejection is one of our greatest humbling hurdles and lessons in love and life. If things don’t go according to plan, do not be disheartened. Your fish is seeking you, just around the river bend.