Netflix Originals Coming This July

Netflix has saved some of its best original series for the month of July. Pretty much all of the audience favorites have new seasons hitting the streaming platform this month but for some, it will be the final season which is definitely going to be hard for their audiences. Let’s take a look at what is going to consume you over the coming weeks and have you bingeing like no other.
Netflix Originals Coming This July

Stranger Things, Season 3, July 4th
If you haven’t gotten onto the Stranger Things bandwagon then now would be the time to do so. This acclaimed series which features monsters from other dimensions and all sorts of strange experiments is the kind of science fiction show that fans of Twin Peaks and The X-Files can’t get enough of. What makes it even better is that it is set in the 80s which means the fashions and permed hair are a really fun throwback. For those that don’t like sci-fi, the nostalgia for that decade may just draw you in. This season is going to focus on how Eleven and her group of friends are growing up which means some romance might finally be in the works. But as usual, they have to fight evil to stop it from taking over the world so there is always a very campy element to it.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Freshly Brewed, July 19th
Jerry Seinfeld’s reality television show which is essentially just him having coffee with famous comedic actors has been a hit from the start. His acerbic wit, sometimes complete lack of charm and that of his guests makes this perfect for those who love a dark sense of humor. Seinfeld tends to tackle some pretty relevant issues as he discusses politics and life. This is the first season that will be exclusively produced by Netflix and has vintage cars feature in every episode we’re hopeful that we will get to see Seinfeld and his guests drive around in some real collector’s editions.
Netflix Originals Coming This July

Orange Is The New Black, Season 7, July 26th
After seven seasons, OITNB will be ending which means we will all have to say goodbye to Piper and her band of misfit inmates. Even though Piper is no longer in prison she is still the main character so we imagine that she will be paying the Litchfield gang plenty of visits. We’re not sure how this series is going to conclude as Netflix has really kept quiet about this season. They only JUST announced when it would air. Hopefully, we get the finale we deserve and not like one other controversial show’s ending… we’re talking about you Game of Thrones.