New Show's Coming To Netflix this January

Netflix has revolutionized the world of streaming and the platform has around 159 million subscribers around the world. Of course, with each membership, multiple people are able to log in so we’re guessing this number is much higher in reality. The site hosts TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more, both new and old. They have even gone on to create award-winning content of their own, and have encouraged other businesses such as Apple to attempt to have a piece of the action.

This January, Netflix users can get ready for some new and exciting content, from a reality fashion show with Netflix’s top boy Tan France to a TV drama, a movie and much more. Here are our top picks from this month, and let’s be serious, we’ve all been waiting for something new to add to binge on.
Next In Fashion
Coming to Netflix at the end of the month is a new reality show that sees 18 fashion designers being set against each other. Presented by Queer Eye’s fashionista Tan France and model and fashion icon Alexa Chung, the show mimics typical English competition shows. Over 10 episodes (which we already know we are going to fly through), the contestants have to meet various briefs to impress the judges and secure their spot into the next round.

Spinning Out
Following the life of a solo figure skater who has no other choice but to attempt to dance with a partner or see the end of her career, it offers an inside look to what people are really going through behind closed doors. Kat Baker who is played by actress Kaya Scodelario deals with family drama, mental health and a secret that needs to stay exactly that.
New Show’s Coming To Netflix this January

A Fall From Grace
Tyler Perry is finally making his Netflix debut with A Fall From Grace. The actor, producer and director has sights on continuing on the platform so this particular movie has a lot riding on it. Following the story of a woman who falls in love with a dangerous person, her life begins to unfold in a way she had never expected.