Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram

Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle are the royal power couple we never knew we needed until fate found them on a blind date together. Since then, these two have been inseparable and that has only made their bond stronger. Meghan has been an activist for women’s rights and various other initiatives as has Harry. He has spent a lot of time in Africa volunteering with various aid organizations and together this couple has begun to use Instagram to raise awareness for all of the causes that they have given the royal seal of approval for.

A Mystery
Each month Meghan and Harry have been following one charity account on Instagram to gain awareness for their cause, up to their follower count and hopefully get them some more donor funds. Instead of following just one account this August though it appeared that they had decided to follow none. That is until a very special announcement was posted on their joint account. It turned out that they had unfollowed everyone because they were ready to try something new, fifteen something ‘news’ to be exact.
Why Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram

The Mystery Solved
The two announced that they were looking to highlight fifteen new charities for the month of August and they wanted their follower’s participation to find these. They knew what causes they supported but they were looking for some public engagement and to increase their charity portfolio. The input in the comment section would be how they selected the new charities to shine their light on. Social media users went wild and began to tag their favorite charities. The following week, Meghan and Harry’s account had followed fifteen charities.

The Charities
With fifteen new charities highlighted, each one has been beyond thankful to have the Duke and Duchess’ support. Each of the charities focuses on a specific facet, such as animal welfare, an end to child marriage, mobility issues, and many more. They are charities from around the world but most work overseas in some of the world’s most impoverished countries. Mental health and climate change seems to be the main areas in which they have decided to draw awareness as more than one of the charities has this as a focal point The star power of this royal couple has shone on them and it seems like more and greater things are in the future for them and those they are helping.