Prince Harry and Meghan Shock the Royal Family

Since their fairytale wedding, Harry and Meghan have been everyone’s favorite royals. However, following their recent trip to South Africa with baby Archie, cracks began to show in their perfect life. It seems Harry and his new bride had secretly been fighting a battle with the rest of the royal family. With the latest news released by the royal couple its tough to tell who one
Harry and Meghan’s Shocking Announcement
It all started with a social media post where the duke and duchess of Sussex announced they planned to step back from their senior royal roles. In their joint statement online the pair explained that they hoped to become more financially independent and split their time between the UK and the US.
No warning
This earth-shattering announcement caught everyone off guard, and it seems not just the public was shocked. Sources close to the rest of the royal family claim that both the queen, Prince Charles, and Harry’s own brother were not consulted before harry and Meghan released their statement. Apparently, this was quite a low blow that will cause an even deeper rift between Harry and his family.

What does this mean for the future?
In their statement, the duke and duchess mentioned that they wished to get some space away from the public. This has left many of us who adore the royal pair worried that they may step out of the spotlight completely. Many of us have considered Harry and Meghan to be the most relatable royals, and with them out of the picture we are not sure everyone will feel the same about the royal family.

Buckingham palace expressed shock at the developing situation, there is no direct word yet about how the queen and the other senior royals have taken this shocking news. Hopefully, this announcement won’t cause a rift between megs and the other royals