Reasons Why You Should Become A Hugger

It’s easy to spot who is and who isn’t a hugger by people’s body language. While some people love giving hugs for every occasion, many others prefer not to be touched. The trouble is hugging can be good for us on a physical and emotional level, and denying yourself this kind of intin=mate contact can actually be damaging to your overall wellbeing. Whether we allow a simple embrace or a strong bear hug, here are some of the reasons we should be more open to hugging.
They make us feel good
Like exercise, sex and eating chocolate; hugging or receiving a hug makes our brain send out a chemical message for more oxytocin to be released. Oxytocin is great as it makes us feel all warm and happy and helps us relax and build trust.
It helps fight depression and anxiety
Oxytocin is normally referred to as the love hormone as it helps with social bonding and is present during intimacy. This love hormone also helps our brains fight anxiety and depression by changing our brain chemistry. It makes us happier and more relaxed and the more we hug or accept hugs the happier we feel.

It keeps our heart healthy
When hugging improves our mood, this improved mood can help our health. When we hug more we are more relaxed our blood pressure is reduced. In turn, our stress levels decrease and our hearts don’t need to work as hard to keep our things flowing. Overall a relaxed mood means a relaxed body and accepting a hug every now and again can end up helping our brains and our bodies stay healthy and happy
It helps fight loneliness in our old age
Studies have shown that loneliness in our old age can increase stress and put unnecessary pressure on our weakened bodies.

This can have serious health effects the older we get. But by creating intimacy though hugging helps us feel less alone, more bonded and happy. And this can help our bodies and minds in our old age.