Simple Christmas Lighting Hacks to Try This Season

For many of us Christmas is one of the best times of the year and not only is it a time of giving and Christmas cheer, but its also a time of festive decorations. While most decorations are beautiful to look at, putting our Christmas decorations up can be a nightmare. Luckily with these super easy Christmas lighting hacks putting up your Christmas lights will be a breeze
Ditch The Nails And Use Command Hooks
Next time you need to hang lights indoors, instead of using nails and hooks save yourself the hassle and simply use some command hooks.

When Christmas is over you can easily remove these hooks by pulling on the tab and they won’t leave behind unsightly holes. By using command hooks you will be able to use any decoration in no time. This way your Christmas decorations don’t need to have any long term effects on your home.
Use Solar Powered Lights Outside
Transforming your home into a winter wonderland doesn’t have to come with a hefty power bill. Instead of using traditional lights, get yourself some solar-powered lights to decorate our house and yard. To power these lights all you need is a little sunshine and you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

Use LED Light Strips
Unlike conventional Christmas lights with bulbs, LED light strips have tiny LEDs that light up and are safer and less likely to break. The great thing about these light strips is that they are sturdy and also use less than half the electricity of regular lights. LED light strips don’t tangle and they come in a wide range of colors and even come with remotes that allow you to choose different colors.
A Glue Gun Is Your Friend
The next time you want to hang lights outside try using your handy hot glue gun to stick lights in place.

Unlike nails and hooks, you can easily remove the remaining glue once you are done with your lights and you will be able to decorate your entire house quickly and with very little hassle.