A Star Is Born: Gaga and Cooper Dazzle

A Star is Born is one of the rare films of the year that truly lives up to the ubiquitous hype. Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is a heart-wrenching, visually-enthralling triumph. In an unconventional move, Cooper chose pop supernova Lady Gaga to star alongside him in the remake. While many questioned whether Gaga had the onscreen gravitas to take on the leading role, the magnificently multifaceted and indeed, multi-talented Gaga, is ravishing in her portrayal of Ally.

Ally, the struggling singer-songwriter, meets revered musician Jackson Maine in a downtown drag bar. Ally performs a rendition of ‘La Vie en Rose’ in the dim red light of the crowded room. Ally and Jackson lock eyes and the sudden electricity running between the pair acts as an unwavering backdrop for the rest of the film’s tumultuous plot. The two fall in love and battle the highs and depths of stardom and addiction, hand-in-hand.

Both Gaga and Cooper’s performances effortlessly coax the audience into a state of utter belief. One becomes a fan and a willing spectator to the melodic melodrama, the sold-out concerts, the behind-the-scenes spectacle. Ultimately, the tale sings with precise direction, a worthwhile soundtrack and intensely vulnerable performances by both leads. A Star is Born is currently showing in cinema’s, nationwide.