How To Stick To Those New Year's Goals

As if, just like that, the end of the decade is here and 2020 is just a couple of days away. New Year sees the end of the festive period and we say hello to new beginnings. A time people usually spend reevaluating their life’s choices and making solid decisions about what they want to happen in their near future. With most people sitting down and taking note of this New Year resolution, believe it or not, there are around 50 common resolutions. With statistics showing that most people give up on their New Years’ goals by the time February comes along, we’re here with some tips on how to stick to those most common resolutions this 2020!
We’re all guilty of this, especially over the holidays when all the days end up turning into one long drag of movies and food. A great way to stop procrastinating is by listening to white noise, putting on your favorite song can be great but it is very easy to get distracted while you are meant to be in the middle of some important work. If you find yourself drifting onto social media sites while working, try downloading SelfControl, this great application lets you add as many sites as you want and temporarily blocks them. You will only be able to access them when you restart your computer.

Be more Active
A lot of people add ‘join the gym’ to their list of things to do in the New Year and that is great, but if exercise is new to you, going to the gym can be very daunting. If this is relevant for you, then try and look into ways you can get your body moving in ways you could enjoy. Whether it be yoga, pilates or taking walks outside in your local area. Teaming exercise up with other things such as meditation to scenic views can really help you stick to those ‘active’ resolutions.

Get more Rest
If you are anything like us, then this one will certainly be on your list. Rest is such an important part of our life which tends to be something we so very easily forget about or even feel like we have no time to do. Try and aim for at least 8 hours of sleep a night and get into the habit of reducing screen time and hour before you plan to go to sleep.