Strange Things You Didn't Know About Disneyland

For many, the Disney’s resorts and theme parks are some of the happiest places on earth. While the original park in Anaheim California still stands since it was opened in 1955, there are now many other Disneyland resorts all over the world. While the parks have changed considerably since its inception, it seems there are still some strange things that have remained the same. In fact, some hidden secrets have remained since the time of Walt Disney himself. Here are some of the strangest things about Disneyland you probably don’t know.
Hidden Court
The Matterhorn isn’t just a giant replica of a European mountain. No, this massive peak is keeping quite a big secret. When the mountain was being constructed, builders were unable to complete it because building exceded certain heights in Anaheim can only be sports stadiums. So, to get passed this law, the construction crews built something strange at the top of the mountain. Now, right at the top of the Matterhorn, you can find a hidden basketball court that park staff use for recreation.
Walts Hidden Home
Well, this one was kept a secret from everyone, including most of the park staff.

It seems Walt Disney was so in love with his precious park that he built himself a very special apartment on Mainstreet above the fire department. Here Walt and his family would stay, and when he wanted, Walt would venture out and join the crowds.
Secret Clubs
With celebrities intermingling with regular fold all over the park, it may seem like everyone is equal in Disneyland. However, what most people don’t realize is that there is a secret club named club 33 that offers members special privileges in Disneyland. This secret club has a special clubhouse where they can meet and enjoy a meal.

The clubhouse sits in the heart of New Orleans Square and overlooks the crowds. Members also have special access to the park and its rides. However, membership comes with a very high price tag.