4 Apps That Will Make Your Insta Stories Pop

Instagram is a fun way to share stories and pictures from times with friends, pretty landscapes and memorable dinners. But nowadays, there is a real focus on providing a curated account that is not just selfies from the same angle. People are really working on creating beautiful photo blogs that tell a cohesive story of their lives, even if it appears to be a lot more glamorous than it is. These four apps will help give any Insta account that polished finish that influencers seem to so effortlessly achieve.


This app is a favorite of many influencers because it gives the user access to a variety of templates for multiple pictures of videos. There are also interactive word ones where you can select the font and have it scrawl across the page making it perfect for quotes or introductions to a curated story of a trip to say Budapest for example. Basically, it makes stories appear like high-quality advertisements typically reserved for travel publications and fashion houses.

Life Lapse

Stories or videos that feature children growing or other activities like moving furniture in and out of a room can be stitched together to create a time lapse video. This is a really unique tool that not enough people are using to showcase various life events. It can be time-consuming to take a lot of pictures at various times throughout a day or a trip but the end result is well worth it.

4 Apps That Will Make Your Insta Stories Pop


This is just a fun app for the borders that you can use with pictures and videos. It is extremely easy to use and has borders for every type of accounts such as ones that look like scrapbooks, neon lights, old school film negatives, and many more. StoryLuxe is the kind of app the everyday Insta user can use if they just want to mix up their regular stories or add a fun border to make it more like a photo booth.


Lastly, Unfold is the app that is used to provide a cohesive minimalist look for stories. A lot of the borders are on white backgrounds which you can change and are designed to look like the pages of an arty magazine. Photographers, tattoo artists, and those that want to showcase their lives in a stark aesthetic will find the templates to their liking. A combination of these apps will give your stories a look that will be uniquely your own if you are willing to put the time in editing your content which can be worth it if you are trying to grow your following.