What is the best smartphone in 2019?

This has been the hot topic of the year as both Samsung and Apple have released some pretty impressive smartphones with the Galaxy S10 line which includes the S10e and the S10+. Apple, on the other hand, has released the iPhone X with the S models set to come out this fall. The word is still out on just what exactly the S models will have that makes them different from their predecessors but we do know that they will have OS 13 which is exciting in itself. However, who comes out on top this year in terms of the best smartphone on the market right now?

The Galaxy S Line

Samsung has been upping its game each year with all of their releases. They want their consumers to have access to the most comprehensive features within a smart device. The S line itself has an array of features that might just sway an iPhone enthusiast. The S10+ features one of the biggest screens on the market clocking in 6.4-inches and a total of five cameras. That’s right there are three cameras on the back and two selfie cameras on the front which means you are going to have some pretty amazing photos. The cameras on the back features an ultra-wide 16-megapixel lens for those sweeping landscape shots, and the other two are 12-megapixel cameras designed for low light and everyday use. What makes the Galaxy line itself very appealing is the fact that they are dual SIM which is excellent for those who find themselves traveling often and a giant battery that actually lasts the whole day. A variety of speed tests also show that the 4 to 8 RAM speed depending on the model is noticeably faster than the iPhone X.

What is the best smartphone in 2019?

The iPhone X Line

Not to be left out, the iPhone X line is what you expect from Apple with a few additions. The cameras are as good as ever, although when compared to the S10s it might appear that they are not quite as good in terms of saturation and definition. They also do not support a dual SIM nor do they allow for additional storage which all Galaxy phones do. This has been a feature consumer have wanted to see for a while but Apple wants their buyers to pay more to increase their storage which can make purchasing an iPhone X a very pricey endeavor. If you love the OS on Apple then you will be happy with the platform and phone as a whole. It is not revolutionary but it gets the job done.

The Verdict

It truly appears that Samsung has put some real effort into creating a line of phones that even the diehard iPhone user might consider switching to. It just really depends on your needs and whether or not you feel like the Android system is something you can get used to if you have been a heavy iPhone user.