New Tech That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like most people these days, you’re extremely busy without a lot of time to waste. When that’s the case, you want technology to make your life simpler whenever possible. With that in mind, here are some great new pieces of technology that promise to make life easier, not harder.

Never Lose Your Wallet Again

Credit: Mike Shouts

If you have a habit of leaving things lying around or losing them, the Chipolo Card is perfect for you. The card is about the size of a credit card and only a little bit thicker than one, so it will fit perfectly in your wallet, an important bag, or with other items. Once placed, the device will not only track your items, but it will also alert you if they leave the range you’re in (or vice versa).

See Everything That’s Going On

Credit: Homecrux

One problem with security cameras has always been that they tend to be placed with a fixed angle in mind. If something happens that is out of the viewing angle, you’re out of luck. Well, not anymore! The Moon Smart Camera is a levitating 360-degree camera that has to be seen to be believed. Best of all, it provides true 360-degree recording so that you can always see everything that’s happening or that has happened.

Turn All Your Appliances Into Smart Devices

Smart devices are all the rage now, but it’s just not realistic yet to expect that every device in your home can be tracked using your smartphone, right? Wrong. Orvibo’s intelligent Wi-Fi Socket plugs into the wall and allows your electronics to communicate with your smartphone so that you can control them remotely and track energy use.

The Power Strip That Really Works


Power strips are a great idea until you have to rearrange them due to the size of some of your plug-ins. Fortunately, the O’ket Power Strip solves this problem by putting 13 rows of three socket holes in a single power strip, leaving you to arrange your cords however you see fit. How come nobody thought about this earlier?

As you can see, plenty of new technology is coming out with an intent to make your life not more complicated, but instead simpler and easier to maintain on a daily basis. Try out these new tech solutions and see if their benefits can make your daily life a little bit less stressful. You probably won’t be disappointed.