Smartphone Photo Printers For Quick Prints

We all take pictures on our smartphones and save them for later, either to post to Instagram or to send to family and friends. But sometimes it is nice to have a physical copy of the photo you just took to hang up in your room or give to a special someone to remember your time together if you are traveling. Smartphone photo printers are about the size of a hand and fit in a pocket or purse very easily making them a handy gadget to have on the go. All you need is a Bluetooth connection and you can be holding a photo in about a minute. But not all photo printers are created equally so here are the top three for all of your picture needs.

Prynt Pocket

The Prynt Pocket works a bit differently than the other photo printers on this list but it is known for providing the easiest app to use and the best quality prints. Photo printers do not need ink cartridges anymore as the ZINK (zero ink) technology allows the crystals on the photo paper to be activated by heat which creates the colors seen in the photos. The Prynt uses this technology but you do need to place your smartphone on the docking pad. This is cool because it actually makes your smartphone a polaroid. You can take a picture while your phone is attached and the photo will print within 30 seconds.

Smartphone Photo Printers For Quick Prints

HP Sprocket Printer

The HP Sprocket is a cheaper alternative to the Prynt and it works with Bluetooth technology and an app to edit and send your pictures for easy printing. The photo paper uses the same ZINK technology but their paper has a sticky back so you can easily hang your printed pictures wherever you want. The quality is not quite as good as the Prynt but the app allows you to edit your pictures before printing and add in some cool borders.

Polaroid Zip

This photo printer comes from the king of instant photos. Polaroid has produced their own printer with the associated app but it is a little bit less convenient to use than the Sprocket. You need to be connected to Wifi to send your pictures to the printer. The app is also not as intuitive as the HP one but the quality is comparable in terms of picture quality. It is also the cheapest of all three.

Just ask yourself which is the most important to you, easy to use, picture quality or cost!