The Best Healthy Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s what jump starts your metabolism, and gets your body ready for what is to come. You should always make sure that you eat a meal rich in protein, and vitamins if you want to live your healthiest life. These breakfast foods are designed to give you all of the nutrients you need.


These green fruits, with a large pit inside have been raved about as a superfood for years now. The famous avocado toast, is a fan favorite amongst many health bloggers and Instagram influencers. It might seem like a bit of a fad, but avocados are actually a superfood. They’re known for containing a healthy fat called monounsaturated fatty acids. This time of fat is needed to maintain blood sugar levels, which helps to prevent diabetes. In addition to being full of good fat, avocados also have over 20 vitamins and minerals inside them.

Quick Oats

Oatmeal might sound like something your grandparents eat for breakfast, and it is. That’s because they are one of the best breakfast foods out there. While oatmeal has a ton of nutrients, it’s known more for being a great source of fiber. Fiber is what your gut needs to stay healthy, and function at an optimal level. Next time you make a bowl of oatmeal, consider adding some sliced almonds, cinnamon, and vegan milk to them. The less sugar you use, the better.

Eggs In Any Form

Over the years, researchers have gone back and forth on whether or not eating eggs are healthy. They have been known as a source of cholesterol, but recent studies suggest that the cholesterol found in eggs is the good kind. Everyone needs a certain amount of good cholesterol to maintain a healthy diet. Eggs provide this. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol make sure to stay away from red meats, and those high in fats. Those are what bad cholesterol comes from. Eggs are healthy in any form, be it boiled, poached, or fried. Just make sure to not use a lot of oil if you fry them.

Traditional Greek Yogurt

Normal yogurt tends to have more sugars in it, which is not good for you. Greek yogurt is made from strained yogurt, which increases the amount of probiotics in it. Thes probiotics aid in digestion, and overall health. Since yogurt is a dairy product, it also contains calcium which is necessary to promote healthy bones. People who don’t get enough calcium in their diets may be prone to osteoporosis later on in life. Greek yogurt can be prepared with granola, fruit, and some jam for a nice breakfast parfait.

Any of these foods makes a great breakfast meal, and you can switch them up each day for some variation.