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The Superfoods of 2020


Superfoods have been a part of the conversation for several years now, with more options popping up every year. Not only are these foods good for you, but some have also quickly become a trend. We’ve all seen the prices for an avocado rise, right?
This year we get to enjoy our old faithful’s as well as wrap our taste buds around something new.
Fermented foods
Don’t worry; these foods aren’t as scary as they sound and contain microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria. Without realizing it, fermented food may already be included in your diet if you eat things such as pickles, yogurt, miso, and kimchi. More recently, you may have tried kombucha as it pops up in local stores and cafes. Although we sometimes think of bacteria as something bad for us, this isn’t always the case. A good bacterium to look out for is natural probiotic and it works wonders on your digestive system and immunity. The food mentioned above is quite easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

If you are looking for a new way to eat breakfast, then this superfood trend can be rather helpful. Ever heard of chia pudding? Well, now is the time to make your own, and it is pretty straightforward. If you are looking to add some healthy fats, fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins to your diet, then go out and pick up some sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, or anything other delights you can find.
Beets are something most people will already eat when the summer months come along, and it tastes equally as good as a smoothie as it does in your salads.

Research for how beneficial beets are continues to grow, from helping lower blood pressure, detoxing the liver to containing antioxidants, and much more.