Times Ellen Tricked Her Celebrity Guests Into Revealing Their Secrets

While it is true she is a fantastic comic, Ellen has also had tremendous success with her talk show. Fans absolutely love the host, and often Ellen’s creative segments and shenanigans catch ou favorite celebs off-guard. It should be no surprise then to know that sometimes Ellen has managed to squeeze out some surprising secrets from some of Hollywood’s most famous personalities. Keep scrolling to see the times Ellen got a celeb to reveal personal information.
The time Kim K admitted to cheating in school
When ellen asked reality star Kim Kardashian if she had ever kept anything from her parent in High School, the star was reluctant to answer. Eventually, Ellen was able to squeeze it out of her, and Kim admitted that she had cheated all through high school by writing the answers on her dress hem in washable ink. While this seems innocent enough, it was made even worse by the fact that Kim went to catholic school.
That time celebrities admitted to lying to a police officer
During a segment of Ellens’s famous ‘Never have I ever’ game, Ellen managed to get Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, and Anthony Mackie to reveal they had all lied to a police officer.

Ellen and the audience were both shocked at the revelation. Who would have thought that America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock would have lied to a cop?
The time Kloe K admitted to a crime
It seems the youngest Kardashian sister has a bit of a shady past. While on the show with Ellen, the mom of one revealed that when she was a teenager, she stole her mother’s car. Not only did Khloe’s parents call the police, but when the vehicle was recovered, it was damaged from Kloes’s joyride.

It seems that until now, Kris didn’t know who had stolen her precious car.