Tips for Cultivating Soul-Replenishing Mindfulness

The modern world can be an overwhelming place. Each day we are bombarded by a wealth of ubiquitous information, sights and sounds that demand our attention, towering billboards and advertisements that create and sustain the illusion that we need to consume and acquire more. In an age of emotional detachment and increasing reliance on our ever-present screens, living with mindfulness can offer your soul respite from the madness and masses. Here are our most effective tips for cultivating healthier habits of mindfulness.

Practice Gratitude
We can so easily become consumed with what we do not have, the lack or absence of material things in our personal worlds. Practicing gratitude shifts your internal focus to what you do have. Express your gratitude for your family, your health, for your presence. Gratitude will cultivate a humility and positive attitude that is more likely to attract beautiful experiences and happenings.

 Practice Mindful Speech
Language has power. Words have an energetic effect on those around us, on our own sense of self. Mindful speech requires some simple questions that you should ask yourself before expression; Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Most often, the angry, spiteful or critical words we want to say to others, are simple reflections of those we have for ourselves.

Practice Curiosity
Curiosity can inspire new experiences, new relationships and a more vivid connection with our own desires and needs. Take a different route to work, look up more often, try a new hobby, speak to a stranger, discover something new about your own capacity. Curiosity will keep you present, pulling your attention towards the magic of the current moment. Be brave, be bold, be unafraid, be now.

Practice Forgiveness
Quieting your inner critic is difficult. We can often be so hard on ourselves, relentlessly questioning our own worth and capacity. Forgive yourself. Each day is different. Some days you will operate with vigor and zest and efficiency. Some days require self-nourishment, a slower pace, an inner kindness that permits yourself to do less. Be patient, practice self-compassion and start each day with a small declaration of self-love.