Top 3 Cold Brew Cafes in New York City

Cold brew coffee is the perfect drink to have on a sweltering hot day in the summer. We know, you’re probably thinking this is just iced coffee why is it any different? Well, the cold brewing process is actually slightly different than your everyday latte or Americano.

What is cold brew?
It is exactly what it sounds like. Cold brew coffee is coffee that has been brewed with cold water which is why it does not have that watery taste of iced coffee. Iced coffee is just hot coffee with ice thrown in. But it is not as simple as making coffee with cold water. The process actually takes 12 or more hours to complete. First, the coffee is ground, and then it is filtered for 12 hours before it is filtered a final time to make sure that there are no grinds left in the ‘brew.’ You are paying for the amount of time it takes to make this coffee which is why it is always more expensive than your regular ‘iced coffee.’

Where To Have The Best Cold Brew In NYC
Stumptown Coffee Roasters has been on the scene since 2009 when they opened their first location at the Ace Hotel. Since then they have expanded their product line and now their coffee can be bought all over North America. The ambiance of this place alone makes it worth a visit even if you don’t want cold brew. This place has been designed with a strong eye for color direction and contemporary furniture. Also, they do latte art which is always fun to see.

Coffee Project NY
This little place has rapidly grown from just two people to seven since 2017. This little coffee shop is known for their amazing cold brew but also the various charity events that they put on to raise money for children in Puerto Rico. They also offer classes in brewing so that you can actually learn how to make your own cold brew to perfection. As it is a complicated process learning from these masters while helping a good cause is an excellent way to do it.
La Colombe Noho
This fancy little cafe has taken cold brew to the next level. You can watch as your barista expertly prepares it for you from the glass equipment that looks like it belongs in a lab but it’s really just for filtration. And then you can have some delicious extras added like condensed milk to give it a Vietnamese flavor. You will not be disappointed!