Top 3 Self Improvement Books

Mental health is an important issue, and is something that is becoming more and more talked about. Long gone are the days when it was taboo to talk about feelings, or admit that you weren’t ok.
Self- care is extremely important, and we are recognizing that it is not something to feel guilty or shameful about, but that it is necessary to be a bit selfish and take care of our own needs. Many health practitioners have written beneficial guides to giving yourself what you need, and how to focus on your mental, physical and spiritual health. We have rounded up the top three, so this weekend, make it your mission to buy one, or all three, and make yourself a priority.
Whether you take time to organize your home, give yourself a bubble bath, or create a positive attitude towards your working life, these self-improvement books are a great way to start to making beneficial changes, to start feeling empowered and, most importantly, to build a better relationship with your self.