Top Tips For Mindful Living


It is always the perfect time to start afresh and focus on the important things for you in your life. Mindfulness is an extremely useful tool to incorporate into your everyday activities. Being present and fully at the moment can really help you focus on the task at hand, on what you are doing, and will enable you to fully enjoy moments in your life.
Follow these top 5 tips for mindful living….
Meditation is an extremely beneficial tool. It can help to calm us down, to connect to ourselves and our bodies, and most importantly to be in the moment. Taking just 5 minutes a day to breathe and connect to your breath will have so many unbelievable benefits you won’t want to stop. So try it. Download Headspace app and try their free trial.

Mindful Eating
So often we make a meal and are busy watching TV, on our phones, checking our emails or on social media, that we don’t really take the time to appreciate what is on our plates or really taste the food in front of us. Try really focusing on your meal without any distractions. Really taste the food, take each mouthful slowly, using your senses, to look at the colors, to taste the flavors and really enjoy each mouthful. You will also help your digestion this way, by chewing and eating slower.
Switching Off From Technology
At the end of a long day, try switching off from your phone and laptop, even if just for a couple hours, to take time for yourself. Run yourself a bath, read a book or watch your favorite show without the distractions of work and the outside world.

Get In Nature
Nature is the best healer, go for a walk this weekend in the park or woods. Breathe in that fresh air and really take in you surroundings. This is one of the best forms of mindfulness and one of the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves.
In the morning, take a look in the mirror and say 3 affirmations to yourself. It can be whatever feels right for you and that you can connect to. Such as ‘I am brave’ or ‘I am capable”. Repeat these to yourself and show yourself some love before you start your day. We guarantee it will be so much more productive and positive.