The Top 5 Travel Destinations You Didn’t Know About

Travel is one of the most enriching experiences this big and beautiful life has to offer. From meeting new and diverse people, eating foreign foods and being immersed in exotic cultures, there are so many magical opportunities that travel allows us to experience. In the spirit of adventure, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser-known hotspots that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Okinawa Islands, Japan

When most people think of Japan, they think of the bustling streets of Tokyo, Hirashuku girls and sushi. But what if we told you the country is home to a chain of semitropical islands that boast coral-fringed reefs that look more like the coast of South East Asia or the pristine beaches of Hawaii. The Okinawa islands of the Southwest region are something to behold and definitely worth a visit.

Huacachina, Peru

Peru is a popular destination for tourists but this secret village is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Located in the Southwestern region of Peru, this little village is a dream-like oasis. Exciting activities include swimming in the town’s little lake and buggy rides across the surrounding dunes’ expanse.

Gilli Meno, Indonesia

Resting just off the coast of Indonesia’s mainland, Gilli Meno is one of the world’s smallest yet breathtaking travel locations. It only takes one and a half hours to walk the circumference of the islet. This secluded destination is the ideal spot for lazy strolls along the coast, snorkeling and chilling in a beachside hammock with a good read.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Eastern Africa’s most naturally-rich destinations. The country is home to some awe-inspiring lakes, mountains, and magnificent beaches. This particular lake offers something out of the ordinary. Due to high alkaline levels the lake’s water is not the usual blue hue, but a striking red resembling cracked desert earth.

Blagaj, Bosnia

With a spectacular mix of urban and rural experiences, this Bosnian town is a travel-must that has yet to be overrun with tourists. One of the villages most magnificent offerings is a Dervish Monastery which rests on a cliff overlooking the ultramarine of the river Buna. What are you waiting for? Be bold, take a chance, book a ticket!