Top Wellness Apps You Need To Know About

Whether we like it or not, our phones have become an essential part of our lives. So why not make them a positive part of our health and wellbeing. There are an abundance of amazing apps that are actually catered on helping us feel our best, and giving us clever hacks for every day living. We have rounded up the top ones you really need to get downloading. Your mind and body will thank you.
The handy period-tracking app Clue, will help you learn more about how your period affects you. Does it annoy you that you don’t know when your cycle begins or ends? Do you get confused about cramps and headaches? With this app, there are options to input symptoms such as cramps and headaches, as well as lifestyle factors such as sleep and sex. This is a great way for women to get to know their bodies.
Headspace makes mindfulness and meditation extremely accessible. So download this, and take ten minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind. You will find that you have better attention span, alertness and feel instant calm, which is extremely beneficial if you have a hectic work schedule.
My Possible Self
If your mental health is something you are thinking about, My Possible Self may be the app for you. Here you can monitor your feelings and recognize any patterns or triggers in your behavior. The self-help ‘modules’ are brilliant to tackle issues such as stress, anxiety, loss or major life changes.