How To Become A Digital Nomad

Starting a life abroad that has you moving from one location to the next every couple of weeks, months, or in some cases, years can seem like something out of your comfort zone. But if you find yourself sitting in your cubicle or your corner office gazing into the distance and feeling dissatisfied with your life it may just be time to pack it all in and start the adventure of a lifetime.

How To Become A Digital Nomad

Look At Your Skills

First, look at your skillset is it something that can be done from anywhere and are they in-demand? These can be soft skills like languages, writing, website design or hard skills like programming. If you really want to make the digital nomad life work you do need to have a skill set that can translate to an income while abroad or your ‘dream’ may be short-lived unless you decide to work for room and board at hostels along the way.

How To Become A Digital Nomad

Cut Ties

Second, you need to start to cut your ties to your current location. This might mean selling property, a vehicle, not renewing your lease, and so forth. You need to have some of your assets in a state of liquidity as you will need some funds for the first part of your journey unless you have a remote job already set up. You will also need to say goodbye to friends and family which can be the hardest part. Your support system will change as you meet people abroad but your number one will be yourself for whatever you need.


If you want to live a pretty basic life in Southeast Asia or in South America you will need to determine what your monthly living expenses will look like. Do you want to rent a quaint apartment and live like a local? Or do you want to be in an expat community which can be more expensive but gives you a sense of home? You may even want a luxe life and just live in hotels. If you can afford that option great but for those that can’t you will need to look at the cost of living in all of your destinations and determine what income you need each month to make that a reality.

Choose Your First Country

Once you have your finances figured out, potential work projects set up all you need to do is settle on the first place you want to go to. Hot or cold weather seems to be a good place to start or simply closing your eyes and spinning a globe and putting your finger on a country if you don’t care where you go.