Essential Beach Bag Items

Going to the beach is the highlight of every weekend of summer vacation. You finally get to laze about in the sun, splash around in the waves, and forget about the stress of your job. But a trip to the beach always calls for a beach bag and these items are the essentials you should always have on you, both for emergency purposes and for entertainment.


This one seems obvious but so many people forget to pack their SPF. When planning to sit out and bake in the sun you will want to protect your skin from those harsh rays and avoid skin damage which can affect yours for the rest of your life. Always try for an SPF of at least 30, and reapply every hour or so to avoid a pesky lobster color. Ombrelle and Avene make good hypoallergenic ones.

A Battery Recharger

We have all been at the beach texting, tethering to a wireless speaker, or just listening to some podcasts when that “low battery” notification dings. If you need to check public transportation to get home, make an emergency call, or simply respond to messages you will want to keep your phone charged. Bringing a portable battery pack is one of the most important things to have in your bag. Try the INIU portable charger as it is known for being affordable, high quality, and holds four charges.

A Waterproof Phone Bag

Have you ever gotten sand into all sorts of nooks and crannies in your smartphone, the pages of a paperback, or caked into your sunglasses? The chances are pretty high that this has occurred. Enter the waterproof bag. You can buy one that is specifically for your smartphone which will protect it from the elements and you can still check it easily. You may also want to consider a slightly bigger one so you can fit your wallet, keys, and any other valuables inside. Dry Pro makes some decent ones.

Essential Beach Bag Items

Sunglasses and a Hat

Last but not least you should definitely pack a pair of trendy sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. The skin underneath your eyes is incredibly delicate and quite thin, which means that it is going to age a lot faster the more sun it gets. A hat will also work to provide shade on your face and keep you from getting heat stroke which too much sun can cause. A ball cap or a large floppy sun hat is all the rage at the moment.