Rid Those Winter Blues With This Month’s Top Travel Tips

Rid Those Winter Blues With This Month’s Top Travel Tips

Summer seems so far away, but fear not, this season is prime travel time, where the prices are low and the crows are few. Here are a few ideas to warm up those wintery blues.

Key West, Florida
Florida offers the perfect balance of blue skies, calm water, and sunshine. For an adventure, dive with the dolphins and sea turtles. The island boasts a number of aquatic activities, from kayaking and paddle boarding to jet skiing and snorkeling.


In the middle of winter, if you are on a sun search, your best bet could be Cyprus.  With gorgeous beaches and breathtaking vistas, Cyprus is the perfect place for those in need of some good old vitamin D. Head to Golden Beach: an unspoiled paradise with wide, sandy dunes and even better zero crowds at this time of year.


December and January means one thing in Australia: Summer, yes you read right, and the remote island of Tasmania boasts the most incredible landscapes. From rugged beaches, to rolling hills, and rainforests, there is so much to see and do, not to mention the sun is strong and will give you that boost of endorphins your body craves.