A Stay At The Marina Bay Sands Resort

Everyone has seen the epic infinity pool that makes up the top level of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. As guests gaze over the edge, no matter what time of day, they are treated to awe-inspiring views of Singapore’s cityscape which features glass towers and old colonial buildings mixed in with each other giving it a true feeling of old and new. But this hotel is not just the place you go to for a neat Instagram travel pic it is also a place which offers luxurious rooms and delectable food from celebrity chefs. Here is what to expect during a stay.

A Stay At The Marina Bay Sands Resort

A City Within A City

This 57-floor hotel complex is really more like a small city which has over 2,500 hotel rooms to choose from, a massive convention center, multiple shopping areas, two theaters, and a casino which is enclosed in the largest atrium in the world. It was an architectural marvel when it was designed and still is which makes it one of the most iconic hotels of this day and age.

A Stay At The Marina Bay Sands Resort

The Rooms

There are essentially three tiers of rooms to choose from, the more affordable deluxe and premier rooms which give you access to the exclusive Banyan Fitness Center and the SkyPark where the infinity pool is on floor 57. But if you want the full luxury experience you should opt for a Club Room or one of the Suites as they come with a gigantic breakfast spread, a full afternoon tea, and sundowners or cocktails that you sip on while you watch the sun go down from one of the many floors. Some of the suites even have their own butlers should you want to be waited on hand and foot.

The Food

Now, you may be thinking that this hotel complex only has a few world-class restaurants to choose from but it actually has over 80 contained all over the buildings. Gordon Ramsay has his own restaurant called Bread Street Kitchen as does Wolfgang Puck who boasts one Michelin star at Cut. Basically, if you have a craving for any kind of food from Southern comfort to Indian fusion it will be found. One thing to keep in mind though is that this hotel is catering to those who want to shell out for expensive meals and nightclubs so this is not the place to try and find a deal.

The Amenities

The infamous pool has already been mentioned but there is so much more to do within the complex itself. There are shows like Cats and an Abba Tribute offered throughout the week, personal shopping, nightclubs to dance the night away at, and if you still don’t find what you are looking for then you can venture into the city proper itself.

This is the hotel you go to in Singapore if you want impressive views and an all-inclusive type of experience.