Summer Travel Inspiration

Summer is here, so for some fun inspiration, we have gathered ideas that might be exciting for you.

Whale Watching In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a top choice for whale watching. Mirissa is the best place to start from and you can travel down the coast to Dondra Point on the south coast. You can see many different species including humpback whales and rare sightings of blue whales. And whale watching isn’t the only thing to do in Sri Lanka, the food is truly divine, especially for for vegetarians.  You must take a food tour, and try the street food.

Surfing In Portugal

The Algarve is in the southern region of Portugal is famous for its fabulous beaches, moderate climate, and great golf courses. Head to Lagos for some wellness, with surf and yoga by the sea. Delight in incredible fresh food, meet new friends and let go. Flights this time of year are relatively reasonable, so do yourself a favor and get booking.

Cycling In The Loire Valley

Cycling in the beautiful countryside of France is a great way to indulge in French cheese, chocolate, and wine, right from the source. The Loire Valley is filled with beautiful rivers, orchards, castles, and vineyards to take in on your bike. There are a plethora of different routes to suit all levels. So  get on your bike and enjoy the gentle rolling hills in the valleys of Touraine and L’Anjou, here they are known for their wine, so you can stop at wineries and indulge when you are passing through. Château de Chambord is the largest castle in the valley and it is a stunning blend of classical Italian and medieval architecture.