Best Christmas Movies To Binge Watch This Holiday Season

Sometimes the holiday season just isn’t complete without watching some of our favorite holiday movies. No matter when we grew up, we all have those special holiday movies from our childhoods that we love to watch come Christmas time. So next time you find some spare time in front of the TV why not watch some of these classic Christmas movies

The Santa Clause
Tim Allen shines in Santa Clause and this classic film is filled with hilarious fun and a beautiful message about the meaning of family and Christmas. In the film, Allen plays a workaholic dad who transforms into Ol’ Saint Nick and along the way, he learns how to be there perfect Santa and the perfect dad. This movie is a big hit with kids and adults of all ages.

A nightmare before Christmas
This unique production lept out of the mind of time burton and into the hearts of kids everywhere. While the nightmare before Christmas is great to watch on Halloween, it also makes for some great Christmas viewing.

Best Christmas Movies To Binge Watch This Holiday Season

There are also some important lessons to be learned in the film and kids and adults alike will be swept away in the singing.

Home alone
Home alone is the mother of all Christmas movies and for millions, this cult classic is a holiday must-see. Many people may not be aware but this John Hughs written film was almost never made. Luckily the film was saved and today it has become an unofficial part of Christmas celebrations everywhere.

Elf is a holiday classic featuring funnyman Will Farrel. In the film, Farrel plays the role of Buddy the elf who leaves Santa’s village in order to find his real dad.

Best Christmas Movies To Binge Watch This Holiday Season

While this movie may hold a special place in some adult’s hearts, kids love it as Ferrel is able to translate hilarious jokes in ways kids just naturally get.