What Celebs are doing to help with the Amazonian fires

The Amazon rainforest is one of our planets largest remaining tropic forest. No matter where we live, we all heavily rely on the oxygen that the Amazon produces. But sadly, this resource that we all rely on is in danger. While many of us may feel powerless to help, there are many celebrities out there that have decided to help out and to try save “the planets lungs.”

Spreading the Word

Many celebrities have publicly asked for donations to help save the rainforest. Others have reached out to create awareness and lend their support. The hashtags #PreyforAmazonia and #savetheamazon are becoming more popular every day and this is partly due to celebrities using their platforms to spread information. Creating awareness is the first and most important step to helping the Amazon recover. Madonna helped spread the word when she sent out a post to her 15 million followers, in fact, the star helped to make the news go viral.

Using the hashtag #preyfortheamazon, Queen Madge asked her followers to prey for the amazon and also appealed to the Brazilian president to do more to help.
Kris Jenner also did her part in creating global awareness.

While many know Kris Jenner as the mother to the Jenner/Kardashian clan, this super mom also seems to have the best interests of the planet at heart. Kris tweeted about the devastating effects of the fire with the hope to inspire prayers and action.

Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo publicly reiterated how it was our responsibility to save the planet. The Juventus star turned to social media where he stated “It’s our responsibility to help to save our planet. #prayforamazonia.”

Taking Action

While educating the masses and spreading social awareness of a situation such as this is vital, it’s equally as important to take action to create change. With many wanting to help but not knowing how best they could, Leonardo DiCaprio was quick to help people be more actively involved. Using social media Leo urged people to donate to rainforest charities, to be more aware of deforestation, to avoid companies that damage our environment and to vote for leaders who care more about environment conservation.

He also put his ‘money where his mouth is’ and donated 5 million dollars to the Rainforest Alliance. Leo wasn’t the only celebrity to make a donation, many celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens, Violet Beane and ‘Umbrella Academy’s’ Robert Sheehan, made substantial donations to organizations working with first responders and conservation agencies.
Ellen DeGeneres also contributed by offering tips and ideas on how her fans could help the Amazon. These tips included a step by step guide on how we can all help not only the rainforest but the environment as a whole.

What Celebs are doing to help with the Amazonian fires

So, it seems that even though the situation in the Amazon Rainforest is incredibly sad right now, many celebrities have stepped up to help create awareness and change.