Our Favorite Winter Wedding Trends

There is something so magical about a winter wedding. An intimate gathering of friends and family to celebrate one’s eternal commitment to a partner is only made more special by a picturesque, wintery setting. From mulled wine, twinkling fairy lights and long-sleeved lace wedding gowns, your big day is an opportunity to toast to all the joys of the season. Here are our most favorite winter wedding trends.

Though the wedding gown almost always takes center stage, the groom’s ensemble can be just as captivating. Instead of going for the expected tuxedo jacket, this season, grooms are embracing the rich sophistication of the velvet dinner jacket. The sumptuous blazer is sure to make a statement to rival the classic suit. And don’t think black is the only option! Opt for forest green, navy blue or a deep red.

A steaming drink is the most comforting way to keep the cold at bay. And while candy stations have long been a wedding favorite, may we suggest you include a hot chocolate bar to your festivities. The indulgent cup can also be spruced up with a dash of Kahlua or a creamy tot of Bailey’s liqueur. Offer a spread of toppings like mini marshmallows, chocolate pieces and candy canes!

While a wedding dress and veil usually require little accompaniment, the winter weather calls for the bride to beat the chill with something extra. Faux fur jackets, stoles and boleros are making a delightful appearance on the bridal scene. Opt for a rustic brown fur for something warm and unexpected.

Gone are the days when the wedding cake is an all-white and meticulous creation. Rustic winter cakes make spectacular use of the season’s best offerings. A tiered cake featuring pinecones, cranberries and springs of holly is a lovely winter addition that will add to the enchanting motif.

Each bridal ensemble would not be complete without a bouquet. And while roses and peonies are always a magnificent addition, a winter bouquet should feature a unique twist. Winter brides are using accents like dried flowers, rich plum florals and feathers.