Netflix’s Horror-Mystery ‘Chambers’: A Review

As usual, Netflix has gone out and released a new series without much fanfare but their latest take on horror focused on a subject matter not covered in any of their prior series with the exception of Hemlock Grove but this is rather different. No werewolves or vampires here which is a much-needed change.

Netflix’s New Horror-Mystery Chambers: A Review

The story focuses on a young Navajo girl named Sasha who has a sudden heart attack while spending some time with her boyfriend. The heart attack triggers a string of encounters and events. After her heart unexpectedly stops, she needs a transplant ASAP which she miraculously gets.

As the supernatural mystery unfolds it becomes clear that Sasha being given this heart was not an accident, but only the jumping off point to some truly weird stuff that is going on at a health and wellness community called the Annex.

If you were a fan of Twin Peaks then you will enjoy the murky darkness that surrounds each scene. With Tony Goldwyn, Uma Thurman, and newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose all giving haunting performances you will find that you have to watch all ten episodes to know what is truly going on with this transplant recipient and the family of the girl whose heart she received.

Netflix’s New Horror-Mystery Chambers: A Review

As the story continues through the ten-episode arc, it becomes clear that there some major cinematographic influences taken, with Goldwyn himself directing some of the episodes. The scenes which feature sweeping views of the New Mexico desert, canyons, and modern houses offer a feast for the senses. The show only falls flat when one tries to disassemble the plotline and what exactly is happening in this world and the next. It is worth a binge if you enjoy the supernatural, and it is refreshing to see Rose’s new face and that of her onscreen boyfriend TJ who makes every scene his own.

Netflix’s New Horror-Mystery Chambers: A Review

Whether or not there will be a second season is still up for debate. As usual, Netflix does not release the numbers in regard to viewership except to show us what is popular or trending on the giant streaming platform. Right now Chambers is trending so give it a watch, and see if you can figure out just what is going on in this world, the spirit world, and everyone’s minds as you watch this time and space bending supernatural drama.