Stars We Forgot Once Starred In Low Budget Christmas Movies

When Christmas time rolls around there is nothing better than sitting down to a Christmas movie with the family. While every year there are occasionally Christmas blockbusters that hit cinemas and star some big names, most of the time there are so many Christmas movies each year and most of them go direct to TV. Every now and again however you will come across a budget Christmas movie that stars a now-famous star. Here are some of the big stars you forgot where in Christmas movies.

Carrie fisher
Fisher has been immortalized for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise but she did also play some other roles over the years. You may not have noticed but Fisher once starred in a Hallmark Christmas movie called ‘It’s Christmas, Carol!’. This modern spin on the classic Dicken’s novel also starred Emmanuelle Vaugier (best known for her work on Two and a Half Men and CSI) and Carson Kressley (style icon and Queer Eye Allum).

Neil Patrick Harris
Surprisingly the great and powerful NPH once starred in a CBS Christmas movie called ‘the Christmas blessing’. While there were one or two other big names in the cast it was surprising to see Harris playing such a role.

Stars We Forgot Once Starred In Low Budget Christmas Movies

The actor had tremendous success growing up and later with the hit show “How I met your mother’. Viewers were surprised to see him in a made for TV movie. This wasn’t the first or the last budget Christmas Movie the legendary actor would go on to star in.

Rob Schneider
Before he made it big and teamed up with Adam Sandler, you may have missed Rob Schneider in his role as the bell boy in Home Alone 2. Schneider did an excellent job in his role as he played a bell boy who was obsessed with tips and figuring out if young Kevin was in the hotel alone.

Hilarity ensues when Kevin catches Rob’s character following him around the hotel.