Wedding Cake Versus Dessert Buffet

These days when it comes to deciding what to serve your guests after a delicious reception dinner full of cocktails and champagne it can be hard to know if a traditional wedding cake is a route you want to go or a dessert buffet. Wedding cakes are beautiful confections that guests can ooh and ah over but they don’t necessarily make for ample slices. This means that a dessert buffet may just be the route you want to go to make sure any guests with sweet tooths get their fill.

A Wedding Cake

It is pretty traditional for there to be a wedding cake at a wedding reception depending on the culture you are in. Some couples opt for five-tier cakes that could feed the entire room while others opt for more modest ones. If you want to feed your whole reception with just the wedding cake then you will need to figure in how many people are there and how many slices will need to be cut. If you simply want to have the cake slicing ceremony with your new spouse than you can just get a simple cake made in a flavor of your choice and be photographed slicing it or shoving that slice into your new spouse’s face for comedic effect. This means that a dessert buffet will be needed unless you have table service.

Wedding Cake Versus Dessert Buffet

A Dessert Buffet

Buffets are a pretty wondrous invention. A dessert buffet takes it one step further. You can choose a selection of cupcakes to be on offer in classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, red velvet and so on. Or you can mix it up and have cake pops, cookies, little fruit tarts, and the list continues. Basically, if it is something you can think of sweet wise you can have it on the table. You may want to get a separate caterer for this who specializes in baked goods as baking and cooking are both separate arts. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively went the dessert buffet route for their wedding and it looked beyond amazing.

Wedding Cake Versus Dessert Buffet

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Dessert Table

Blake has been known for her love of baking for a long time and when it came to her wedding she wanted to make sure that her guests had everything they could have ever wanted. They did have a wedding cake which was vanilla and sour cream flavored but also a plethora of other little goodies to try. There was truly something for everyone which is what you want for your own wedding. Now you just need to decide if you want a wedding cake, a dessert table or both.