Soak Up The Sun In Saint Lucia

This island destination in the Caribbean which is found in the West Indies has been a long-time holiday destination. This former French colony has found its independence and embraced its beauty which has made tourists flock here. But besides soaking up the sun and relaxing at the beach what is there to do on this small island?

Soak Up The Sun In Saint Lucia

Pigeon Island National Park

With a rich history of buccaneers, you should head over to this national park to learn all about the infamous pirates that set up camp here and then how it was used as a military installation called Fort Rodney in the 1700s. On top of that, you can traverse most of the island making it a good day hike. Many of the beaches are deserted as most people do not want to wander all over the island and instead choose to stick to the historical sites.

Anse Chastanet

If you are staying on Saint Lucia and looking for the best beach then this is it. It features the pristine white sand and turquoise waters that make it picture perfect. But keep in mind, as the best beach it means it is not a secret so it can tend to get a bit crowded during peak holidays times. There is also a lot of snorkeling and diving to be found offshore and gear can be rented from the resort of the same name found on the beach.

The Pitons

These are the volcanic structures that show up in almost every picture of St. Lucia. They are essentially jutting rock edifices named Gros Piton and Petit Piton, yes it means big and small in French making it pretty self-explanatory which one is which. There are a variety of hiking trails that weave around the Pitons so you can look up at their majesty. Some experienced climbers have attempted to go up them but this is not for the faint of heart. If you have just started bouldering then this is not for you.

Sulfur Springs Park

If volcanoes are your thing, then you are in luck. As an island that still experiences some volcanic activity, you can actually drive right up to an area where steam is being released. This volcano is situated in Soufriere and has a pretty pungent aroma. You may find that you want to avoid the smell of rotten eggs but there are natural hot springs heated by the volcanic steam that you can go for a dip in. They say the hot springs have some healing properties. It is best to arrive here in the morning before the tour buses show up if you are looking for some time for quiet reflection.