The Unlikely Superfoods You’re Probably Already Eating

It seems almost everyone is on a health-kick. Heading out to early morning yoga classes, motivated individuals are returning home to scour their pantries, ditching sugary junk foods in exchange for superfoods in an attempt to live a longer, healthier and (hopefully) happier life. Well, you might just have a few sneaky, inconspicuous superfoods that are already hiding in your diet…

A recent study conducted by Harvard Univerisity confirmed that drinking three cups of coffee a day is likely to extend your lifespan. Moderate coffee consumption can lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 Diabetes and Altzheimers. A cautionary footnote: We’re talking about a good old-fashioned Americano. Do not be fooled,  those whipped cream toppings and flavored syrups are not going to do you any favors, honey.


Next time you find yourself about to indulge in yet another home screening of Love Actually with an enormous bowl of popcorn resting in your lap, we implore you to do away with the guilt and simply enjoy yourself. Popcorn reportedly has the capacity to lower cholesterol and balance your blood sugar levels. It’s rich in fiber and contains a wealth of micronutrients and antioxidants.


Besides their naughty reputation for being formidable aphrodisiacs, Oysters have a few more health benefits hidden within their shells. They are spectacularly rich in calcium, iron and selenium, as well as the ‘intelligence mineral’, zinc. Zinc is required for mental development, collagen formation and is often linked to healthy reproductive organs.


Yes, ladies, we said chocolate. Your favorite indulgence has a healthier effect on your body than overzealous health nuts might have you believe. Chocolate is known to reduce the production of stress hormones and lower your risk of a stroke. One small caveat: We’re talking about high-quality dark chocolate, not the milky, fatty, sugary offerings you find in your average checkout aisle.


Hold your horses, cheese-lovers! Moderate consumption has a surprising host of health benefits but due to its high-fat content, we suggest you proceed with caution. Cheddar is rich in calcium, offering your teeth and bones an impressive calcium boost. A little nibble of quality cheddar after dinner will also neutralize the acids in your mouth and may help to prevent tooth decay.


Sushi-lovers, rejoice! Wasabi, the Japanese condiment that you most often pair with your salmon sashimi, is more than just a spicy and delicious accompaniment. Made from a Japanese root, Wasabi is naturally anti-bacterial, it can help clear your sinuses, prevent blood clots and help to do away with a recurring cough. Ancient Japanese medicine also made use of the root as a cure for allergies and gut ailments.