Vancouver’s Top 3 Dinner Spots

Vancouver has long been known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. Situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, with a backdrop of the Rocky mountains and the rainforest it is a feast for the eyes. The city itself is characterized by glass and metal buildings which look like they belong in a science-fiction movie, and which is why it is so often used by the film industry for exactly that purpose. However, Vancouver also has a great culinary scene so here are the top three restaurants you should check out next time you are in town.

Miku Sushi
Miku Sushi has long been in the sushi game and has won a ton of awards for their Aburi Sushi which is a unique way of cooking the raw fish to give it new flavors. It essentially means that it is flame seared, and Miku is the one that first pioneered this cooking technique in Canada. They also apply this technique to a variety of their rolls. If you are looking for traditional sushi prepared to exacting standards and a new take on an old favorite then this is a must try spot.

Chambar Restaurant
Considered to be one of the best restaurants in the city and has been open since 2004 it offers Belgian-inspired dishes that feature an ever-changing array of ingredients. This means there is a constantly adapting menu designed to delight you each time you come back for more. You can try new dishes like frog legs sauteed with sriracha or traditional mussels and french fries which is a Belgian staple. The atmosphere is relaxed and you will not feel like you need to wear a suit to enjoy your meal. Make sure to try one of the many Belgian beers on offer.

Blue Water Cafe
As you are next to the ocean, it makes sense that seafood reigns supreme in this corner of the world. The Blue Water Cafe offers one of the best seafood experiences you will ever have, with traditional West Coast fare making up the menu. If you want to check out the Raw Bar you can have oysters with all sorts of accompanying sauces, or if you feel that you want your meal a little bit shall we say, cooked, then sturgeon is amazing along with anything else that has been freshly caught. If seafood is not for you, then there is a From The Pasture Menu which is also quite comprehensive. There is something for everyone.