Wedding Registry Ideas for Modern Couples

The traditional wedding registry was a great way for newlyweds to establish their new home together. However, for the modern couple registering for a blender or dining set doesn’t seem that essential. After all, most modern couples already have those things and so more practical registry ideas are becoming more popular. Here are some of the most popular registry ideas couples are turning to.
The Anything Registry
Whether you need a combination of kitchen items and household goods, having a gift registry that provides for all your needs can be tough. So why not sign up for a registry on sites like Zola that allow you to create an anything registry. Here you can add things to your registry from a number of different stores instead of just one. You can even create group gifting for pricey items so multiple guests can make contributions to expensive gifts. These registries allow variety but also convenience for both you and your guest.
The honeymoon honeypot
If you are your beau dream of sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere, you better be prepared to fit the bill.

Too often couples opt for a simpler, less enjoyable honeymoon to save costs. Some couples put off their honeymoons for years because they can’t afford it. So instead why not create a honeymoon fund where your guests can help you pay for your dream honeymoon. This is a far more practical gift and there are plenty of crowdfunding sites that allow your guests to make anonymous contributions.
Finance your dream home
For many modern couples, buying a home together is a definite priority as owning a home together is an integral part of married life. However, with the increased costs of homes, this isn’t always achievable. So instead, modern couples are creating a home contribution registry where guests can add financial contributions to help the happy couple make a down payment or renovation to their dream home.

We have to admit this idea is way better than getting a crockpot or gravy boat.