Wellness Trends for 2020


One of the best things to come out of the last decade is the Wellness trend, now, of course, people have been looking after themselves forever, but we have to say, we are particularly happy that it has now become the ‘trendy’ thing to do.
Mainstream society is quickly catching on to holistic and natural ways of healing and soothing the mind, body, and soul and it is more than exciting. More businesses are popping up in the wellness industry and to tell you the truth, we don’t mind it at all. Although some of these are already out there, the belief and following of these trends are certainly going to increase in 2020.
So, what are the latest wellness trends for this coming year? Let’s take a look.
Don’t worry, you read that right! Honeymoon’s and Babymoon’s are all about taking a vacation from something that is happening in your life and Painmoon’s are practically the same thing, but with a different thought process behind it. There’s no better reason to take a vacation than to allow yourself some time to rest and recuperate. You will begin to notice Painmoon spa retreats available for one or even more people (if you wanted to take some healing time away with your friends).

Gut Bacteria
Although for a long time nobody thought it was possible, studies have shown that the bacteria in your gut can have an effect on your mental health as well as your skin. For this reason, the wellness of people’s guts is going to be a hot topic this year. Keep a lookout for gut cleanses, as well as meal plans and any information you can find to keep you on track with what is really happening in your gut.

CBD has been on the rise for a while now with more people understanding the benefits. As well as some using it for treating pain, people have now started to use it on their skin. You will soon be seeing CBD appear in skin care products as well as infused in the local health food shop’s teas. If you are open to all things alternative, CBD and the many ways it’s used are definitely something to educate yourself on.