3 Apps To Get Motivated With

With so many distractions around us and at the touch of our fingertips in terms of technology, it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside and exercise or stop scrolling through various apps while you lay in bed. It can be frustrating to realize that you have wasted half an hour texting looking through Insta profiles of people you don’t even know. Getting that jump start can be hard but here are three apps to get you off the couch and motivated to take on whatever the day has to throw at you.

3 Apps To Get Motivated With

ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

This app is designed to help you eliminate negative thoughts that will impede you on the road to success. You can select an area of your life that you need motivation in such as your career, health, or relationships. Once you have set a goal the app will work to provide you with inspirational messages geared towards you meeting your goal. The primary focus is for you to embrace the power of positivity on your path to change.

Fabulous: Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep

While this app is also goals-oriented it takes a slightly different approach by putting a primary focus on relaxation, meditation, and sleep habits as the keys to aiding in goal completion. You will need to input your specific goals so that an action plan can be personalized for you and if you do not meet the small goals set out throughout the week the app definitely lets you know. You will find yourself wanting the positive affirmation of completing a goal and begin to train yourself to stay on track.

3 Apps To Get Motivated With

Motivate: Daily Motivation

If you are a more of a visual learner and prefer to hear from those who have experienced similar situations to yourself and how they have overcome them then this will be the choice for you. It collects videos from some of the top motivational speakers in the world and then tailor’s them to your specific needs. If you are trying to focus on health-related goals then the videos that are recommended to you will be geared towards meeting health goals and those who have managed it. This is a more interactive experience than the previous two.

If you just need that extra push then try one of these apps and set yourself the goal of following a prescribed action plan for just one week. After you have followed it for a couple of days it will get easier and easier and you will find yourself achieving your objectives.