The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

We have all been told how drinking at least 8 cups a water a day can be beneficial, but scientists now say that we should try to drink more warm or hot water. This doesn’t mean tea and coffee people! It means that we may want to substitute our morning drink of cool or cold water with a warm cup to maximize the waters’ beneficial impact on our bodies. Here are some of the most important reasons you may want to substitute your next cold beverage with a glass of warm or hot water.

It Helps With Good Blood Circulation and Controlling Blood Pressure

By drinking a warm glass of water first thing in the morning you can improve your circulation and reduce your blood pressure. This is because warm water acts as a vasodilator and flushes excess salt from your blood. It thins your blood and encourages your blood cells to flow more freely. This keeps your blood pumping easily, puts less stress on your heart and makes sure your muscles have adequate blood supply for exercise.

It Helps Ease Colds and Sinus Trouble

When you start to feel sick the best thing to do is start drinking warm or hot water to help with your mucus production and to keep you hydrated.

As gross as it may sound this can help make your sneezes and coughs more productive so that your lungs and nose can stay clear. By drinking hot water and inhaling the steam it is also possible to further clear the sinuses and make your next cold all the more bearable.

It’s Good For Your Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth you will know that cold water is the last thing you want to rinse your mouth with. That is because warm water is gentler on your teeth, especially if you have fillings or dental implants that are more likely to detach if you rinse with cold water. So, when rinsing try out warm water to prevent pain and sensitivity.

It Helps With Digestions

Being hydrated means being regular, and warm water is gentler on the tummy and helps flush your intestines more effectively. This keeps you healthy and regular and helps you avoid feeling heavy and bloated.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

While warm water is good, hot water is even better because it helps break down the food even faster. So if you want to avoid feeling sluggish and bloated throughout the day, make sure to drink some warm or hot water first thing in the morning.