The Best Tech To Start Your Day With

Typically we use our smartphones as our alarm clocks which in most cases, makes it both the first and the last thing we see before we try to get that full 8-hours of sleep. There have been some major innovations when it comes to sleep technology that can provide both a better night’s sleep and a much smoother wake up. Why feel like you are being woken up for a natural disaster when instead you can wake up to soothing sounds or the warm glow of morning light?

A Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Being jolted awake is no way to start the day. You wake up feeling stressed, muddled, and if your circadian rhythm has been disturbed, then you can be out of sorts for the entire day. In order to deal with this, Philips along with many other tech brands have developed alarm clocks that have started using light as a way both to get you to fall asleep and to wake up. As you go to sleep sunset colors will be used along with quiet sounds like birdsong and to wake up it will light up like the rising sun. Everything is gradual and soothing rather than harsh. You will find that getting up and falling asleep is a lot easier with one of these.

The Best Tech To Start Your Day With

A Coffee Maker With Presets

Once you are up you may find that you want a cup of coffee to give you the jolt you need to get your report in on time or beat the commuter traffic. By using a coffee machine that allows you to preset the time you want your coffee to be ready, you can have your shower and get dressed and have a steaming cup of coffee waiting for you. This will also work to save you time as you won’t need to fiddle around making it yourself.

The Best Tech To Start Your Day With

Listen To The News

Sometimes listening to the news in the car is a good way to get your fix and it never hurts to be well-informed. The Amazon Echo can report the news to you as you sip your coffee and let you know if there have been any traffic accidents that may hamper your progress to work. It can also tell you what the weather is like if you are unsure of how to dress for the day.

These three items can greatly improve your morning and you don’t need a smartphone for any of them!