How To Date In The Age Of Technology

With so many apps to choose from it can be overwhelming to choose how many or which ones to be on. There’s OkCupid, Tinder, and Bumble just to name a few but if you don’t want to date in the online world and would rather take this offline here’s how you can break out of the mold of instant messaging, strange emojis, and inane conversations with people you don’t know.

Go To Events Specifically To Meet People

We don’t mean head to the nearest gala in the hopes of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right but instead something a lot more lowkey. If your local coffee house is having a poetry reading, or your university if having a talk these are places you might run into people who have similar interests. Why bother spending hours messaging someone who you then meet and feel no chemistry with? The best way to meet someone is to do it naturally and know right from the start if those sparks are there. The worst that can happen if you ask someone for their number is that they say no in which case respect that and move on to the next person who catches your eye.

Be Mindful Of The Vibes Give Off

If you have ever sat in a psych class or watch a romantic comedy then you know body language and eye contact is key to meeting people. Nobody is going to approach someone who is staring at the floor and has their arms crossed or shoulders hunched in the corner of a room. This gives off the appearance that you don’t want to be looked at and are not open to meeting anyone. Instead stand tall, arms by your side, and if you see someone who interests you or you are talking to make some eye contact. Even try adding a smile. This sort of behavior puts others at ease and makes them want to continue talking to and maybe even date.

How To Date In The Age Of Technology

Doing What You Love

Any hobby you have that involves leaving your home and being around others means that you will eventually meet like-minded people. If singing is your thing joining a community theatre group or a choir will put you in the path of others who enjoy it. Skiing is also a great way to meet people as everyone is full of fresh air and hanging out in clubhouses after a long day which is when you can introduce yourself. Essentially, if you love yourself, do what you love, you will find someone who also enjoys those things. Just put your phone down and get out there!