Kickstart Your Day With These Three Activities

Waking up in the morning can be hard especially if you are one of those people who can’t begin to fully function until you have had your morning cup of coffee. However, there are many energizing activities you can do to get your day started and have you feeling good before you head into the office or off on your daily routine.

Sun Salutations

This traditional move from flow yoga gets your body aligned and helps you to center your mind for the day ahead. All you need to do is run through three to six of these and you will feel any worries from the previous night melt away. Here is how to do a proper sun salutation. First, you begin in downward dog and sway from side to side or move up and down on your toes to stretch out. Once you are comfortable then it is time to go down into a plank position. Hold this for around 30 seconds and then move into upward dog. From there pop to the front of your map and stand up. Bring your hands to the sky, and then with palms together bring them down to your heart’s center. You will find that your mind quiets and this in itself is both a form of meditation and a quick workout.

No Wine Before Bed

If you enjoy indulging in a glass of wine before bed you may want to consider giving this a pass. Having one with dinner is fine but if you have wine before bed it can interrupt your sleep cycle. It helps you feel drowsy but does not help you to have a deep sleep. It tends to make you sleep for an hour or two and then you will wake up and have trouble falling back to sleep because it has woken your brain up rather than lulled it into REM. Sometimes a glass of water is all you need.

Kickstart Your Day With These Three Activities

Listen To Music

Everyone has a favorite tune that gets them going and makes them feel like they could break into song or dance. For some people, “Call on me” by Eric Prydz is that song and for others, it is heavy metal. Choose your favorite song and set it as your alarm clock. You will wake up wanting to blast your music and have a song battle in the shower. Your neighbors or roommates may not appreciate this but we guarantee it will get you motivated.