How To Pass The Time During Your Daily Commute

Daily commutes are a part of life unless you happen to work remotely. This is a time when you get to relax on the subway or on the bus and prepare for the day ahead. If you have a long commute such as an hour or even just thirty minutes then you have more than enough time to pursue some activities that will help you pass the time but also to work on personal development.

The Day Ahead

Some people like to input everything they have to do into a calendar so they always know what is on their agenda for the day, week, month or even year. If you find yourself struggling to organize your day then your commute is the best time to do this. Simply pull out your smart device or your day planner and jot down what you need to accomplish at work today and at home afterward. This can come in the form of a To-Do List or an agenda for the day which breaks down your meetings and tasks. When you arrive at work instead of feeling a bit disorganized you will be ready to tick off each task.

How To Pass The Time During Your Daily Commute


For anyone who doesn’t have to worry about motion sickness then this is also a great time to dive into any reports you need to read or even to pick up a novel you’ve been eyeing. This is your time before you start your day so simply taking half an hour to enjoy a book will help to make the commute fly by. Then when you go home for the day you can pick up right where you left off.

How To Pass The Time During Your Daily Commute

Meet New People

Chances are you’ve been commuting for a while unless you have just moved or started a new job. You may begin to see some familiar faces on the subway platform or on the bus as you head to the office for the day or head home. This is an excellent opportunity to meet some new people and work on building your network. If you are new to the area then meeting new people will help you to build a social support system and everyone appreciates a smile in the morning. The next time you find yourself standing next to a person you have seen multiple times just to say hello and let the conversation start flowing.

Enjoy your commute and the time it gives you to meet new people and read a good book.