Summertime Sadness? Top Tips To Get Happy

All that sunshine and subsequent Vitamin D is designed to make you feel good but sometimes happiness can be elusive. Simply sitting out in the sun doesn’t cut it for everyone and you find yourself having a case of summertime sadness to quote singer Lana Del Rey. But there are a few things you can do to get rid of those summertime blues.

Take It Easy

The summer is not the time to be hustling about and stressing yourself out as you try and get competitive at work or go to every rooftop party you are invited to. Instead you should try and move at a slower pace. Just let yourself be in the moment and do what you want to do. Don’t let anybody dictate where you should go or what you should be doing. The summer heat will make you want to laze around and enjoy a siesta. Give in to it.

Summertime Sadness? Top Tips To Get Happy

Be Present

That being said, any activities you do wish to do you should make sure that you are fully present in the situation. Don’t go canoeing and then sit on your phone the entire time snapping selfies to prove that you have done something outdoorsy. Instead, maybe take a quick video to upload later but for now simply paddle around with your friends, take in the sites, maybe see some wildlife, and just simply enjoy being outside away from the city.

Summertime Sadness? Top Tips To Get Happy

Be Kind

Chances are you are not the only one feeling stressed out by the summer months or even feeling a bit blue. Lots of people find themselves alone on the weekend as those who can afford it head out of the city or take extravagant vacations. Not everyone can afford to do this, and seeing constant reminders on Instagram of friends jaunting around Europe or trekking around Southeast Asia can give you a real sense of missing out. Don’t worry, lots of other people feel the same. So once more, tuck your phone away and head out into the city to meet like-minded individuals and hit up some free events. There is always a farmer’s market to wander around or a free screening of a movie in a park.

Make the most of your summer, read a book on your fire escape, meet new people, and most of all just focus on yourself and doing what makes you happy, not others.