What Different Colored Gemstones Mean In Engagement Rings

Most people dream of meeting the ‘one’ and seeing them get down on one knee, with a beautiful engagement ring clasped between their fingers. This moment signifies the beginning of the next chapter of your relationship, with your special someone. An engagement ring symbolizes the love that you and your partner share for one another. Most people tend to go for traditional engagement rings which feature a solitaire or round cut diamond. However, colored gemstones are a special way to personalize an engagement ring as each one means something different. If you want an engagement ring that is truly unique, consider designing one with colored gemstones which will be even more meaningful to your special someone.

Pink Diamonds

Pink or blush colored diamonds are incredibly rare, which also makes them one of the pricier gemstones to add to an engagement ring. Pink stones, like the diamond are for partners who have a creative spark and enjoy surprises. It’s for the partner that values love above all else.


These vibrant red gemstones are the color most often associated with passion. If your significant other has a fiery temperament, and loves the color red then this is an excellent gemstone for them. Your marriage will be full of passion and romance, and the ruby on your intended’s hand will symbolize this.


Blue sapphires have often been associated with royalty. Prince Charles chose a sapphire ring surrounded by small diamonds for Princess Diana, and that ring was then passed on to Kate Middleton by Prince William. This is a classic English setting, and the blue is meant to symbolize faithfulness and honesty. This is for the partner that knows how to communicate effectively.

Blue Topazes

Another blue gemstone that tends to be cheaper than blue sapphires are blue topazes. They tend to be a brighter blue than the sapphire, and look beautiful with two diamond solitaires on either side. Blue topaz has a more personal meaning than some of the other gemstones, as it is meant for the person that is always their true self. If your partner has never hidden a part of themselves, and has an eternal love then this is the gemstone for them.


Vibrant green emeralds are one of the most mesmerizing gemstones out there. Green is the color of envy, but when set in an engagement ring the meaning changes. Then, green becomes the color of happiness, and success. If you opt for a classic diamond engagement ring, then you can gift another ring on your 55th wedding anniversary, as that is the gemstone that goes with that marriage milestone!

Now think about your soon-to-be husband or wife’s personality and select a gemstone that fits both them and the kind of marriage you want to have.