Ashton Kutcher Surprised His Parents By Renovating His Childhood Home

Ashton Kutcher might be a big-time movie and TV star but he is still a momma’s boy. The star recently took time out of his busy schedule to give something back to his parents and we cannot get over how sweet it was. The actor decided to surprise his mom with a home makeover and he did all the planning himself. Read on to see what one of Hollywoods finest got up to when he put on his design cap.
His Midwest Childhood
Ashton grew up in a humble home in America’s Midwest where he was extremely close with his family. Together they had a quiet life filled with love and respect. While he moved on to success in Hollywood his parents remained in his childhood home and when the opportunity arose for him to remodel their family home he jumped at the chance.
A Home With Special Meaning
You may be wondering why the actor didn’t just buy his folks a brand new mansion. But it turns out this was the home his family had built when Ashton and his siblings were young and it was important to him to keep the house in the family.

But with the kids gone and only his parents remaining the home needed some tender loving care and Ashton decided to build his parents a relaxing space in the basement.
The Plan
Without his mom knowing, Ashton and his stepfather worked in secret and started work in the basement. While his wife Mila kept his mom busy in LA, Ashton worked hard to bring light into the once dingy basement.

In the end, the space was transformed into a light, welcoming place where the grandkids could seep and his mom and family could chill and relax.