Tempeh: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Tempeh might look a little bit strange as it kind of resembles a slice of knobby meat like a chocolate bar but it is actually one of the most delicious and healthy foods out there. So what exactly is tempeh and where did it come from?

Tempeh: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

The Origin Of Tempeh

This major source of protein actually hails from Indonesia where it was first created from pounded and fermented soybeans. Once it has gone through fermentation it can then be molded into the bar shape that it is so often seen in. It differs from tofu, another soybean product, in that it does not have a white and jello-like texture. Once it has been compressed it can be sliced and fried or marinated to take on certain flavors which can make it have a meat-like consistency. On its own, it tends to have a nutty flavor which is pretty pleasant without any added spices.

The Source Of All Good Things

Tempeh itself is a major source of protein which is why vegans and vegetarians alike tend to incorporate it into their diets but it is also a high source of calcium. Getting enough calcium for those who stay away from dairy can be difficult and taking supplements can only do so much. This superfood actually packs quite a punch when it comes to calcium though. The calcium from tempeh is actually absorbed by the body in the same manner as milk and in almost identical quantities which makes it an excellent substitute. Bone health is important, especially as you get older and your mom is not giving you your one glass of milk a day. Let tempeh help you get the calcium you need.

Tempeh: The Superfood You Should Be Eating

Tempeh Recipes

Cooking with tempeh is relatively easy but some recipes will allow you to play with it and create some pretty fantastic meals. Since tempeh can be marinated and flavored with just about anything you can create tacos, buddha bowls, sweet and sour dishes and so much more. It is a truly versatile meat substitute and in our opinion slightly better than tofu in terms of taste and texture. We suggest, if you are a newbie to the world of tempeh, to start with something easy that simply involves you slicing it up and seasoning it with rice or in a stir fry. This is an easy way to get used to working with it and then you can go on and create some tempeh masterpieces.