5 Life-Enhancing Apps You Should Try This July

Your phone has the capacity to offer you just about any service, turning your mobile device into a jack-of-all-trades. Each month, a host of new apps make their way on to the market, with innovative new ideas and real-world effectivity, here are our best app recommendations for the month of July.

Driving Detective
One of the unfortunate by-products of the iPhone era is an increase in car accidents caused by drivers being distracted by their ever-present phones. Driving detective helps you to keep your notifications and phone calls at bay while driving. The app detects when you are in a moving car and automatically puts your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, silencing the device until you exit your vehicle.

Oh She Glows
There are an overwhelming array of food-related apps on the market, but Oh She Glows offers a little something different. The app is an essential guide to adopting a plant-based diet. The delicious, accessible and nutritionally-packed featured recipes include step-by-step instructions, tips and nutritional information.

In the current age of overstimulation and ubiquitous technology, it’s difficult to find time for quiet, reflection and self compassion. Calm is an app that offers a beginner’s guide to meditation. The platform includes guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises and soothing adult bedtime stories.

The 21st Century has bought with it a new era of online dating. Bumble is a female-friendly platform that’s all about making the experience more intimate, more authentic and hopefully, more successful. Unlike other dating apps, only female Bumble users can initiate conversation. The platform is also committed to maintaining a more tolerant and respectful online environment for LGBQT users.

This app is designed to make budgeting a breeze. The app helps to track all your credit card purchases, create realistic monthly budgets and monitor your income in comparison to your spending habits. Mint allows you to easily manage your money at the touch of a button.